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The mounting concern of water scarcity, spurred by population growth, demands immediate attention. Historically flowing rivers from Mount Kenya now face frequent drying, impacting local communities. This issue goes beyond the region, necessitating a united global effort to safeguard water sources for present and future generations. International law recognizes access to safe drinking water and sanitation as fundamental human rights, encompassing steady supply and affordability.

Riparian Patrols

Reducing River Water Harvesting

Infrastructure Improvement

Tree Planting

Mount Kenya Trust rangers conducted regular patrols, collecting litter, educating communities, and addressing illegal activities such as snaring, charcoal burning, logging, and illegal grazing. Community education focused on riparian law, human-wildlife coexistence, and sustainable foresting practices.

We're combatting the critical problem of degraded riparian land through riparian reafforestation project. We have planted 5,000 trees along Timau River, 5,200 trees along Ontulili River, 2,000 trees along Ngusishi River, and 8,000 trees near Teleswani River.

We're enabling community groups to access clean water, underscoring our commitment to equitable and enduring solutions by establishing appropriate water harvesting and storage infrastructure for institutions such as schools and hospitals.

 To develop alternatives to river water harvesting and outreach such as rain water harvesting at schools and hospitals

Waste Management

Mount Kenya Trust goes beyond planting trees; we're guardians of entire ecosystems. With a keen understanding of waste's impact on nature, we've partnered with local communities to implement efficient waste management systems.

Simple waste management systems have been designed in areas such as  Mathagio Center (Ontulili River) and Timau Hospital (Timau River) to promote cleaner riparian environments. Three sets of bins were installed for plastic, glass, and compost at Mia Moja Center along Teleswani River, encouraging responsible waste disposal and improving downstream water quality.

We've set up a tree nursery managed by Ontulili Primate Protectors. This nursery focuses on drought-resistant trees that nourish wildlife. Moreover, we've installed a smart water harvesting system right at the nursery, amplifying our efforts for a healthier environment.




Protecting Mount Kenya's Riparian Lands

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