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Our Approach

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Holistic Approach To Conservation

Mount Kenya Trust's holistic approach to conservation focuses on protecting, preserving, and enriching both nature and the indigenous human population. By conserving nature, encouraging human-wildlife coexistence, and reafforestation, we protect the human population from the adverse effects of climate change and the lack of resources. Simultaneously, we ensure the well-being of communities through our healthcare programs.


Community-Centered & Driven

At the core of our conservation work are the communities that live around the Mount Kenya National Reserve, the true guardians of the Mount Kenya ecosystem. Our courageous Rangers and dedicated Tree Monitors hail from these very communities, devoting their lives to safeguarding our precious natural resources by curbing illegal activities such as poaching and logging as well as in mitigating wildfires.  For over two decades, we've nurtured a profound sense of collective responsibility among the neighbors of the Mount Kenya forest reserve through generations.

Together with these communities, we forge a path towards profitable and sustainable livelihoods, cherishing both people and the rich biodiversity that surrounds us and encouraging responsible consumption as we prove that it indeed possible that the human population and nature can equally coexist and both flourish. We believe that conservation thrives when communities prosper, and our unwavering commitment is to protect and let them flourish the very essence of our shared heritage.


Collaboration For Success

Mount Kenya Trust plays a vital role in promoting sustainable development throughout the Mount Kenya ecosystem, forging powerful partnerships with nonprofits, government agencies, and like-minded allies. Together, we stand united in our commitment to create a harmonious balance between human progress and the preservation of our natural treasures. Through collective efforts, we pave the way for a future where the splendor of Mount Kenya thrives, and the well-being of both nature and communities flourishes hand in hand.


Sustainability Across Generations

Our projects are meticulously crafted for sustainability, underpinned by science-based research and flawless monitoring processes. We believe that protecting our cherished ecosystem requires both visionary foresight and a firm grounding in scientific knowledge. For more than two decades, Mount Kenya Trust has sowed the seeds of collective responsibility, fostering a deep commitment to safeguarding our invaluable natural resources. Through conservation education and awareness initiatives, we've witnessed the younger generation blossoming into passionate advocates for the environment. We are a force of change, driven by the belief that through united efforts, we can create a lasting legacy of conservation for generations to come.

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