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Habitat & Wildlife Protection

Humans & Wildlife Living In Harmony

Promoting Human-Wildlife Coexistence through community sensitization, our 14KM elephant corridor and fencing projects 

Over 500K Kms. Covered In Patrols

We  have 5 ranger teams consisting 42 brave men who have dedicated their lives to serve and protect the Mount Kenya ecosystem. They achieve this through conducting routine, joint and camping patrols on the lookout for illegal activities, mitigating any potential threats on Flora & Fauna


Mount Kenya Trust has forged partnerships with key players in the landscape in order to achieve quick response, to maximize patrol impacts and in gathering intelligence in the region. Some of these partners include; Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya  Forest Association, Community Forest Associations, The Judiciary and locals. Some of our ranger teams have been formed to ensure collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Service.


Joint Wildlife Patrol Team


Our Joint Wildlife Patrol Team is a rapid response team that handles illegal activities on the mountain, 


Horse Patrol Team

The Horseback Patrol Team covers vast distances on hardy Ethiopian ponies to monitor the forests and moorlands, with high altitude satellite camps extending their reach.


Imenti Patrol Team

Imenti Patrol Team tackles threats to the Imenti Forest Reserve, a once-neglected area that has been heavily logged and grazed, which we are now replanting with indigenous trees.


Marania Wildife Guards

Our Marania Guards were set up 20 years ago as a team of ex-poachers, working closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service for multi-day camping patrols to combat poaching.


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